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Getting Started

single-red-rose-leaf“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Introductory Phone Call
This complimentary 30-minute call gives us an opportunity to get acquainted. We’ll have a chance to talk about the specifics of your organizing project, and any concerns you might have going in. We’ll discuss your timeline and budget, as well as the best time of day for you to meet. At the end of this call, if you’d like to proceed, we’ll set up your on-site consultation.

On-Site Consultation
The on-site assessment and planning visit usually begins with a tour of the space needing attention. We’ll talk about your vision for getting organized, and the changes you’d like to put into place. Your preferences, habits and readiness to get started will be considered. At the end of the visit we’ll have a plan of action. At this point, we will schedule time to implement the plan.

Scheduling Visits To Do the Organizing
I recommend that clients book two to four hour blocks of time. This gives us a chance to make a noticeable change during each visit. Depending on the scope of the project, we might meet once, twice, or for a number of scheduled visits. As the work proceeds, we’ll communicate about how the project goals are being met. We can make adjustments as needed.

Email, Phone and Text Check-ins
Once the organizing begins, we will collaborate and communicate as needed by phone, email and text messages. You won’t pay for these services; they are included in your on-site fee.

Organizing Supplies

During the on-site assessment and planning visit, we’ll discover if any initial supplies are needed to purchase. In addition, I will bring a variety of tools and favorite supplies to our first organizing session. We’ll discover if other supplies or storage systems are needed as the organizing gets underway.

Organizing services are charged by the hour. Each client and situation is unique. Considerations such as project scope, client preferences, and the speed at which we can comfortably work will determine how long the organizing will take, and how much it will cost.

The first step to getting organized is getting started. Call today to schedule your complimentary phone consultation.